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Profile of Physicians Taking new Registration

Dr. Herjot Sidhu, MD, CCFP

Family Physician

Dr. Herjot Sidhu, recently finished the Family Medicine Residency program from Dalhousie University in Halifax before moving back to her hometown here in Calgary. She has a wide scope of interest within family medicine including geriatrics, diabetes, and pediatrics. Dr. Sidhu values patient-centered care and strives to spend more time with patients to better understand their needs and concerns.

Dr. Mohamad Hamouda, MD

Family Physician

Dr. Mohamad Hamouda, MD graduated from Medical school in Egypt in 2007. After being in Family Medicine Practice for few years in Egypt, he moved to Calgary and has been practicing in Calgary for few years. Dr. Hamouda has very good patient reviews and is very well liked by his patients. He is very empathetic and good natured and is able to understand his patients and their families. He is interested in all aspects of Family medicine practice. Services are provided in English and Arabic.

Dr. Safdar Hussain, MBBS

Family Physician

Dr. Safdar Hussain graduated from a prestigious Medical School in Pakistan in 1982. He has been practicing Family Medicine in Alberta since 2011. He has a very high level of Clinical skills and experience.