Profile of Physicians Taking new Registration

Dr. Mohamad Hamouda, MD

Family Physician

Dr. Mohamad Hamouda, MD graduated from Medical school in Egypt in 2007. After being in Family Medicine Practice for few years in Egypt, he moved to Calgary and has been practicing in Calgary for few years. Dr. Hamouda has very good patient reviews and is very well liked by his patients. He is very empathetic and good natured and is able to understand his patients and their families. He is interested in all aspects of Family medicine practice. Services are provided in English and Arabic.

Dr. Monica Sonea

Family Physician

Dr. Monica Sonea is a skilled Physician with 13 years of experience in Family Medicine. Dr. Sonea graduated from Romania Medical State University in 2005 and completed her training as Family Medicine Specialist in 2009. Sinne 2009, she has been practicing Family Medicine first in Transylvania, Romania and then in Canada since 2014. She was Chief resident of her class at the MLPIMG program at University of Manitoba in 2014. Since completing the program at University of Manitoba, Dr. Sonea practiced in rural Manitoba in Clinic and Hospital setting for 4 years before moving to Calgary . She has joined Marlborough Medical Clinic and would like to build a Family practice here in Calgary. Her approach towards patients is friendly and she would like to develop a full scope medical practice.